Unusual and off the Beaten Path Private Tour

An unusual and fascinating journey through the historic center of Paris to discover the places that inspired some the most famous cartoons.
 Max 12 people   90mn
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    - An original route to discover the places of the most famous cartoons of Paris    - A journey between past and present to know the history of animation    - A unique experience for young and old in the heart of Paris
 Max 12 people   90mn
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- Rediscover iconic neighborhoods with a fresh perspective. - Shine a light on hidden elements you may have never seen before. - A tour centered around myths and legends, perfect for the whole family 
A walk in the heart of the sordid business affairs and other sinister crimes that had left their marks on the streets of Paris over time.
 Max 12 people   90mn
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- With this wonderfully original theme in mind, discover the famous districts of the capital from a completely different angle - A cultural and historical journey right at the heart of Paris - Discover surprising and fascinating anecdotes 
The Iron Mask, Voltaire, the Marquis de Sade, some famous people who have built the "myth" of the Bastille.
 Max 12 people   90mn
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    - Many anecdotes for a dynamic and accessible visit     - Discover the last stones of the foundations of the Bastille     - Live the day of July 14, 1789 through the story 

Our Original Guided Tours to Discover Unusual Places in Paris

Online bookings are for groups of up to 12 people, but we can accommodate larger groups on request: contact us at contact@myurbanexperience.com.

Are you looking for original and unusual tours for you and your family? My Urban Experience is here to accompany you. Children, teens, adults, families, friends, colleagues—our professional guides have developed a range of unusual and fun tours for all ages, from 6 to 99 years old! Our goal is to take you on a 90-minute journey through a Paris neighborhood to discover the theme you selected from our offers in a fun and informative way. Our guides will talk about history, art, and culture with a quirky tone, filled with anecdotes to captivate both young and old. Get ready for ninety minutes of "culturetainment," combining expertise with a relaxed tone and a fun atmosphere!

Unusual Activities in Paris for All Tastes and Ages

Whether it’s a family outing, a trip with friends, a birthday, or a bachelorette/bachelor party, we offer many different themes to meet your expectations.

Around the Île de la Cité, our guides offer unusual guided tours for all ages. For the youngest, our "Paris of Cartoons" walk is specially designed for a fun and unusual visit. Children discover the richness of Paris’s history and its monuments thanks to our guides, who are accustomed to young audiences and passionate about the stories they share. For teens, our guides offer routes that captivate them with history through mysteries and legends, where they will discover the streets, alleys, and monuments that make this city so rich. They will explore criminal stories in "Paris of Crime," giving them a completely different perspective from the "City of Light." They will follow in Harry Potter’s footsteps in search of the Philosopher’s Stone and learn to decode cabalistic signs scattered around the neighborhood.

Our Original and Fun Outings for Families or Friends

In the Marais, you will discover the many secrets of the History of the Bastille, the various roles it has played over the years, while uncovering its last visible traces. Along the Seine, between the Left Bank and the Île de la Cité, you will plunge into the settings of your favorite cartoons, following in the footsteps of Ratatouille, the wheels of Lightning McQueen, the paws of the Aristocats, under the watchful eyes of Notre Dame’s gargoyles. Between Concorde and the Cour Carrée of the Louvre, come discover traces of Egypt and decode the hieroglyphs on the Obelisk. Around the Opéra, follow Dilili’s journey to discover all the riches of Belle Époque Paris and meet the great figures, both women and men, who marked this era. These are just a few examples of the unusual and fun tours you can find on our site. Our guides offer more than twenty different tours across most Parisian neighborhoods, always with numerous original, unusual, and fun themes.