Discover this piece of countryside in the heart of Paris, a bucolic and artistic walk, between streets, little squares and Street Art.
 Max 12 people   90mn
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- Live an experience of a true countryside in Paris - Discover with another perspective, some of the most emblematic places in the Butte aux Cailles such as its swimming-pool and the Place de la Communes - Mix countryside atmosphere and street art during the same tour
See Paris through the fantastic universe of video games. A walk for young videogamers, but also for every curious people!
 Max 12 people   90mn
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- An original and playful route for a cultural tour, accessible to everyone- A fascinating walk between history and Street Art, to the discovery of the most beautiful games,- taking place in Paris- A unique opportunity to discover emblematic places of Paris with images of video games
Learn the story of street art, its codes and its realization techniques discover many street artists by following the paths of this ephemeral art.
 Max 12 people   90mn
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- A tour to arouse your curiosity and test your powers of observation - A different experience every time  -Discover or rediscover this ephemeral art   

Street Art Paris: Discover our many outings and activities to explore Urban Art

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Street Art is becoming increasingly significant in Paris, and discovering it is a true cultural and artistic experience. My Urban Experience offers you the chance to explore Street Art through several unique urban tours in different neighborhoods of Paris. All these Street Art tours are both fun and unusual. They are perfect for families or friends to change your perspective on Paris during your next walks around the city.

See Street Art in Paris

Street Art uses public space innovatively and beneficially to beautify our streets and dull walls. This recent and trendy art form can be found in various spots throughout the capital. Our professional guides have selected some iconic neighborhoods to offer you Street Art walks in Paris: Street Art in Belleville in the 20th arrondissement where a wall is available thanks to the squat 'la Friche'; Street Art along the elevated metro in the 13th arrondissement with large murals; in Butte aux Cailles where you can discover famous artists like Miss Tic or Seth; in the Marais for a hunt for Space Invaders; and in Montmartre, where the Street Art takes you through the steps of the great names who have marked the art and history of Montmartre.

What is Street Art?

Considered an artistic movement, Street Art or Urban Art was born in the 1960s. It encompasses all forms of art created in public places. This ephemeral and sometimes political art form uses various techniques such as stencils, graffiti, and posters. Prominent in capitals like Berlin, it has gradually developed in Paris over the years, sometimes supported by public authorities.

Which Street Art neighborhoods in Paris and which guided tour to choose?

Belleville is the iconic Street Art neighborhood in Paris with its famous rue Denoyez covered in works. This tour, like other Street Art tours, aims to explain the origins of this art, the different modes of expression (painting, stenciling, collage, etc.), and to discover more or less known works throughout the route.

In the 13th arrondissement, a district in eastern Paris with its large towers, Street Art has developed under the municipality's initiative to "add color" to the neighborhood. The city hall commissioned works from artists. This tour allows you to discover monumental murals and other works by famous artists (French and international) such as Obey’s Marianne, a "copy" of which is in the Élysée Palace offices. It’s a true open-air museum!

In Butte aux Cailles, it’s a mix of discovering the Butte aux Cailles neighborhood with its small houses and some flowered streets, as well as the history of the Commune since this area was a significant battle site during the Commune. Additionally, it features many Street Art works, including those by the famous Miss Tic or Seth.

In the Marais, works by certain artists like Invader and C215 are placed near iconic spots to give you a new perspective on them. From rue Vieille du Temple to Place des Vosges, passing through the legendary rue des Rosiers, this artistic exploration follows the footsteps of Philippe-Auguste and Charles VI, the court of Henry II, and Louis XIV.

In Montmartre, Street artists use its walls as canvases to illustrate their stories. Far from being random, these artists' spots, like Invader and Monsieur Chat, are placed near iconic locations to offer a new perspective and immerse you in the footsteps of the great names who have marked the art and history of Montmartre.